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Frequently Asked Questions?


Why is our 24 hour cancellation so important?

It is important to cancel your appointment as soon as possible due to the fact that our nail technicians are paid on a commission structure.  A missed appointment affects their pay.  With an early cancellation, it allows us time to fill the appointment slot without any loss of income to our employees.  After two incidents of a no-show or last minute cancellation, a credit card will be required for future booking of appointments.  If the issue re-occurs, this may affect your ability to book future appointments.   


Why do we charge a removal fee?

Our removal fee is only a one time charge in hopes that you will become our future client.  The fee includes the removal of another establishment's no chip.  In some cases the removal may require additional time due to misuse of products.  If the removal is easy with minimal time, the fee maybe waived.



Why do our pedicures take approximately one hour?

All of our pedicures are unique and we take pride in making sure your feet are soft and exfoliated, with proper removal of all dry skin, nails & cuticle grooming. This takes time depending on the condition of your feet.  We are not your regular nail shop that tries to rush the job and leaves your feet dry and with a lot of leftover dead skin. Although other salons may complete your services in 25-30 minutes and cost less, they do a subpar job and you are left with feet that are rough and dry and will need another pedicure in less than a week.



Why are our no chip polishes so limited?

We promote healthy nails and we are particular about our polish and product selection.  Both of our no chip lines are easily removable without damaging the nail beds. The nail beds are soaked with acetone filled cotton and wrapped in foil along with hot towels to shorten the process.  Nail pushers are then used for easy removal.


How are your tools disinfected?

Each nail technician follows our strict sanitation methodology for fully disinfecting their tools.  This is accomplished by brushing them clean with a hospital grade disinfectant, dried, and placed into an autoclave for a 45 minute cycle.  Autoclaves kill 100% of infectious organisms by using high pressure steam & is used in hospitals, dental and veterinarian practices.


Why don't we offer promotions?

Our promotions are only offered at the beginning of the year for a limited time.  On occasion we will promote a monthly special in order to receive feedback on a service before officially adding it to our pricelist.  Other than the tools which are autoclaved, everything used during your service is disposable.  Disposables are costly to our business but a valuable source in keeping our clients and nail techs healthy.  Our website is always current with featured promotions.


Why do our tubs not have jets?

In order to properly disinfect the pedicure tubs between services, we decided to eliminate the jets.  It would be impossible to fully disinfect the tub and the individual jets before our next client.  Enclosed areas with moisture are breeding grounds for bacteria that can cause infections, fungus, and warts.  Although jets offer a nice touch, we are not willing to risk any fungus/wart issues with our clients.


Why are clients with fungus and warts rejected?

It is against state regulations to service clients with fungus and can result in a violation against the nail technician's license.  As an obligation to maintaining a healthy nail salon for our clients, we have the right to refuse service to clients with wart or fungal issues.  Although we cannot diagnose the problem, we do not want to irritate, spread, nor transfer the infection through our towels or tubs.  Our nail technicians pride themselves in providing a clean, healthy, and relaxing environment for your nail services.  We appreciate your understanding.    


Why do we promote 75 minute massages?

There are many franchises that promote 60 minute massages with a membership.  Offering 75 minutes make us unique because 15 minutes are focused on your problem area without affecting your 60 minute massage.  You will receive a full 60 minute massage with the perk of full concentration on your tight/sore muscles.


What are the benefits of massages?

In addition to reducing stress and improving sleep, massages decrease anxiety, muscle pains, and headaches.  A simple chair massage will leave you feeling refreshed while reducing your blood pressure and boosting your immune system.


What is Kinesio Taping?

Kinesio taping is a water resistant, multiple day wear adhesive tape that alleviates muscle discomfort.  It lifts the skin from the targeted area to reduce pressure and increase space to decrease inflammation.  It effectively enables the blood flow in and out of the muscle while not limiting any range of movement.  Our licensed therapist will assess the placing of the tape and possible treatments.


Do you offer memberships?

We offer massage memberships which includes a monthly massage of your choice at a discounted price.  Although they do not carry over to the following month, it can be shared with one additional family member.  We do not hold a credit card on file and fees are paid upon completion of the service.


Are all of your technicians licensed?

It is against the law to work unlicensed.  We pride ourselves in providing great services by our qualified and licensed nail technicians, licensed estheticians, and licensed massage therapists.  Our technicians have updated licenses as well as continued education to reassure their knowledge is up to date.


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