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Our Story

Broken Nail Boutique was inspired by Patty's vision of a salon that provides exceptional quality of service, great customer service, communication and cleanliness without the pretentiousness of most middle and higher end salons.


Our service is the best in the industry and we dedicate ourselves to having a clean environment for our customers. We employ highly experienced, licensed nail technicians & estheticians that have great communication skills that assure that you have the best experience in a salon.


There are many factors that separate us from your typical salon. Our nail technicians & estheticians are fully-licensed and have gone through extensive training before servicing our clients.


Unlike other salons that say that all of their tools are sanitized while you can visibly see residue in their tools, only a handful of salons actually use the proper sanitizing mediums to fully sterilize their tools.


They may even take out their tools in a sterilized bag but unless they actually have the proper sterilizing equipment, then you are still at a risk for harmful bacteria and viruses. Some salons may even cut corners and use UV sterilizers which do not kill bacterial spores. We utilize autoclaves, which is the only medium that can fully disinfect nail tools. Our autoclaves subject our tools to high pressure saturated steam at 249 degrees fahrenheit for 20 minutes to sterilize. The entire process takes approximately an hour to completely sterilize and dry our tools. These autoclaves are the same devices used in hospitals, veterinary, and dental offices.


While foot spas can harbor harmful bacteria and fungi if not properly cleaned and sterilized, our tubs are jet-less which prevent the water, typical of jet tubs from being trapped in the pipes and blown into the tub when the jets are turned on. This is a breeding ground for dozens of bacteria and harmful pathogens. Along with our jet-less tubs, we disinfect each tub after every use with hospital grade disinfectant. And we guarantee we will never use the same file on any customer. Unlike other salons, we don't dilute our nail polishes, creams and lotions with generic products and other additives. We use authentic, high quality products to give you the best quality finish. While many salons may say they are using original products, we guarantee our products are exactly as we advertise. 


Broken Nail Boutique is not your ordinary salon that gets you in and gets you out as quickly as possible. The old adage goes "you get what you pay for" is more than evident once you experience our services. You may feel that going for that deal is too good to pass up. But understand that most of these salons don't care about quality of service, it is comparable to an assembly line and most of the time you come out feeling like you just didn't get what you paid for, even at a discounted price. And most times, you get even more than what you pay for, such as fungal infections and other diseases that are procured through unsanitary salon practices. We feel that the whole experience should be relaxing, enjoyable and safe for each guest.


And that is why Broken Nail Boutique is dedicated to providing high quality service, using exceptional products, and providing a unique experience.

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