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"Love this place! I've been a regular since they opened and you will never have a bad experience. Clean & beautiful place."



                                                                                             -Jennifer L.




"The place is incredibly clean. The prices are reasonable. Service is excellent. I drive by 25+ salons to get here, and I'm happy to do it. I never feel rushed here, I am encouraged to relax and enjoy. 

This review is after my second visit. I will be a return patron no question."



                                                                                              -Lenore L.




"Best no chip manicure I've had in a long time! Great atmosphere, friendly and experienced employees, and veryyyy reasonable prices for the quality of service. Highly recommend."



                                                                                              -Lynn S.




"Best No-Chip I've ever gotten. Very clean
and thorough. Will definitely be returning. Can't recommend enough!"



                                                                                             -Jen B.



"I'm walking on clouds after having the best pedicure I ever had . . . this salon is SAFE, FRIENDLY, THOROUGH with licensed technicians.  I will be back AND I will suggest this salon to ALL of my friends and family.  It took a while to find such an excellent salon but it was surely worth the trouble!"



                                                                                            -Mic C.



"What a nice place...really!! Beautiful & relaxing atmosphere coupled with extremely friendly and talented staff.  I would highly recommend the spa manicure & pedicure.  After so much damage from the harsh winter weather we've had, I left there with my hands & feet in tip top shape.  They truly make you feel welcome at Broken Nail and everything is top of the line in terms of products/tools used.  The technicians were extremely professional but also friendly.  Check them out!!"



                                                                                           -Carm B.



"I have been to Broken Nail several times, and this is now the only place I'll go for a mani/pedi. The salon is super-clean. The staff is super-friendly. Come here and you will have a wonderful, relaxing experience."



                                                                                           -Sandy K.






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