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Broken Nail Boutique is committed to various charitable organizations in which one or more of us have been personally touched. The various organizations have exemplified tremendous efforts in their causes and we are very proud to be active participants.



The Susan G. Komen foundation has an incredible goal and that is to help give comfort to women of breast cancer and aid with the research and advacement to find a cure and improve early detection.



The is a significant organization providing assistance to impoverished women and children all across the globe with food, healthcare, education and humanitarian aid.



The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence is an organization that's dedicated to help women who have been battered, beaten or sexually assaulted seek help, reassurance, and provide a way to move forward with their lives.



The ALS association and its' fight against "Lou Gehrig's Disease" is an important organization in the research and development of cures to help in this progressivneurodegenerative disease affecting millions of lives. We are doing whatever we can to make a difference.


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